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    Hi Elize

    Have been trying to sort out my last weeks holiday, and thanks
    for getting intouch so promptly, you must be the best Travel
    Agent I have ever come across and I have travelled a lot and
    thanks for all your suggestions…..

    Talk soon Jacci D. x


    Hi Elize

    How thoughtful you were to help me, and I really appreciated
    everything you


    The accommodation in Knysna was excellent and we had a great
    time there.

    Overall we thought SA was great and the people very friendly,

    you! The scenery is spectacular and the restaurants wonderful.We

    definitely come back,perhaps in your summer next time.

    Please keep in touch.



    Hi Elize,

    We had a fantastic time in Cape Town and we were very sad
    to leave. The house was exactly as advertised – very nice
    and comfortable. Thanks for finding us Mildred and Francesca
    – they were wonderful.

    We will get in touch when we are planning another trip to
    Cape Town, hopefully sooner than later!


    Nina Kassman


    Hi Elize

    Thx again for the gift and your assistance, not to mention

    your good bargaining and negotiation skills. U would make

    a good financial accountant or finance auditor 🙂

    Had an enjoyable stay, made some "village" friends

    looked at some of the other properties available as well.

    Look forward to making use of your hospitality services

    again round about the Dec-Feb 2005 period, if not sooner.

    Will keep in touch,


    Grant Williams


    The stay was excellent. Such a lovely warm comfortable place.
    We were so well looked after.

    Sorry I missed you, we were out exploring.

    It really was excellent value for money.

    Thanks again,


    P.S.: Thought I let you know that you are certainly living
    up to your standards of excellent service and a satisfied
    customer being key to success. I strongly agree to those criteria,
    and so far you are doing very good against them. You also
    listen very closely (or read) what your customers want, and
    you understand it and act accordingly. Not something I have
    seen often in the numerous letters I have received in the
    last few days, congratulations !


    Dear Elize. We arrived home yesterday morning completely
    shattered. The

    young children slept the whole way back except for meal times
    but we found

    it very difficult to get any sleep at all. If only we could
    move Cape Town a

    bit closer. We had a wonderful holiday and the youngsters
    said it was their

    best ever holiday, but with the beach on our doorstep a swimming

    plenty of nice things to eat and drink they would say that.
    But our daughter

    said the same. We did all the tourist things, Table Mountain
    ,Bains Kloof,

    Cape point and wine routes saw lots of old friends and plenty
    of braais and

    eating out. The Greenaways estate is really first class and
    Strand itself

    has improved tremendously since we last saw it. Our apartment
    was better

    than we expected and I did say to Mrs Fourie that she should
    do some more

    pictures for the internet because the present ones do not
    do it justice.

    However I hope that when we return she does not make it so
    attractive that

    we can not get in because i t is full or that we cannot afford
    it. Anyway

    Elize, We did have a lovely time, and yourself , Mrs Fourie
    and the people

    we met gave us typical warm South African hospitality.

    Thank you again for your help, and when we’ve saved
    our pennies and can

    afford another trip I will contact you. If in the future you
    want a chat

    drop me a message. Dave


    Dear Elize,

    So sorry we didnt see you in Capetown, but Thank you for finding
    us the lovely accommnodation, we couldnt fault it.Had a truly
    wonderful holiday, for me that consisted in being lazy and
    lying on the beach and eating out at all the lovely little
    places in Blouberg, Mike had a few games of golf and then
    we stayed in Mouille point those nights and did Dinner at
    the Waterfront and a few sundowners at the club.

    Just trying to work out our next trip, Mike says November
    but I couldnt bear to face Jan/ Feb back here in the cold….we
    will see.

    Anyway, keep in touch and thanks again for everything.

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